A Guide To Your First Massage

Have a wonderful massage at Awindfall Massage.
Frequently Asked Questions
We will ask whether you have been Awindfall Massage before, and we will instruct you how to get ready for Awindfall Massage.
What should I wear?

Specific massage techniques are easier on bare skin, but there is always an alternative that can be used, it depends on your comfort level.

At Awindfall Massage, we will cover your body with a bath towel or sheet, and our therapist will keep you safe and comfortable during the massage session.

What type of massage do I need?

We recommend 60 minutes relaxation massage for you to start. But you are welcome to have 90 minutes relaxation massage

Also, we have Awindfall Massage Comparison page for you to have an idea of the difference in the different type of massage.

What to expect during the massage?

While the therapist is working on you, he or she will ask if the pressure is OK, and the therapist will find out by example how much pressure makes for your perfect massage.

After your first massage

Your therapist will ask regarding how the massage session went from your perspective on the purpose of serving you better next appointment, and prepare a cup of water for you.

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