Hot Stone Massage in Kelowna

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Having a massage during days off or vacation is a great idea, and the most relaxing massage or the best is having a hot stone massage.

Feel like a baby while the black warm volcano stone is freely sliding on the back and shoulder, your body.

The warmth first arrived on the skin, and then into your body, towards your heart & soul.

The feels just like electrons are rotating around the nucleus; your energy will be ended up with positively charged.

Now, commercial time.
Awindfall Massage On Ellis St, Kelowna, offering the greatest hot stone massage experience at a reasonable price.

Call: (250) 762-7678 on business hours
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Awindfall Massage & Acupuncture

Awindfall Massage & Acupuncture

Awindfall has been studying massage techniques for years. Our goal is to find the most effective massage techniques for pain relief, and the best techniques that can help our patients from stress, anxiety as well as the most relaxing massage techniques.

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Awindfall Kelowna

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Awindfall Massage On Ellis St