What’s Couples Massage?

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Couples Massage Kelowna on Ellis

What is a couples massage?

Couples massage is the Best Thing To Do in Kelowna, Not only can a massage improve your relationship, but it can also help reduce stress and anxiety levels.

Awindfall offers many different types of couples massage, from Swedish massage (relaxation massage) to a therapeutic massage (deep tissue massage), full body massage, and hot stone massage as well.

What is the most papular couples massage in Awindfall?

The most papular couples massage in Awindfall is Couples Deep Tissue Massage and Couples Full Body Massage.

Any Couples Massage Deals & Discount at Awindfall Kelowna?

Massage therapy in Kelowna can be quite expensive, somewhere from $180-$250 at 60 minutes session. Awindfall Kelowna offers quality service and reasonable prices, as well as various options for couples to save money while spending quality time together.

Click here to learn more about couples deals and discounts.

Can I eat before the massage?

“Eating beforehand is OK, but do it at least an hour before, so you’re not lying on a full belly,” Jack says (Massage Therapist From Awindfall). “It’s a good idea for couples to have a massage before dinner, or 1 hour after full belly. ”

Is couples Massage a good dating idea in Kelowna?

Yes, Spend Quality Time Together with your loved one is the most romantic thing to do in Kelowna, and it’s priceless. Awindfall Massage Kelowna location even offers private labels for you to surprise your partner and loved one.

​Having a massage in a cozy massage room together at our Kelowna location with soft music, low lighting, a feeling of tranquillity, it’s bliss.

Awindfall Massage & Acupuncture

Awindfall Massage & Acupuncture

Awindfall has been studying massage techniques for years. Our goal is to find the most effective massage techniques for pain relief, and the best techniques that can help our patients from stress, anxiety as well as the most relaxing massage techniques.

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